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Setup - STS Configuration


To perform installation or update of the environment and to configure their STS, administrators will need the page in Setup and API to provide the needed settings.

Configure STS with Setup Wizard

Since 10.0.1, STS is the only possible option. Disabling STS is not possible. Administrators can regenerate security keys and provide the hostname.  


The SPS.config contains the enableSts attribute which indicates that STS is enabled.

Data that is related to the security keys regenerating is stored in the Matrix42 Workplace Management\bin\matrix42.STS.WM.dll.config file.

With version 10.0.x the config name file was changed: Matrix42 Workplace Management\bin\Matrix42.Auth.STS.dll.config

Clientsecret and audiencesecret attribute values shouldn’t be changed if there were no request to regenerate keys.

Configure STS with powershell API

Administrator can configure STS with API. It is possible to regenerate security keys and provide hostname using api

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