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Matrix42 Self-Service Help Center

Organizational Requirements


The following should be available to install Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management:

  • The .exe installation file (can be downloaded by registered users)
  • License keys or license certificates

Service Account

A domain account is required for the Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management server; it receives the client requests and communicates with the IIS [application pool]. This account should have the following properties:

  • Name, e.g.: Domain\M42Service
  • Membership in the application server group: Administrators | IIS_WPG or IIS_UISRS

Account for Installation and Administration

To perform the installation or the update, you need a domain account with the following privileges:

  • Local administration privileges on the Matrix42 Workspace Management application server.
  • Administrator role in SQL Server Analysis Services. For more information, see the Microsoft website.
  • Content Manager Role for SQL Server Reporting Services. For more information, see the Microsoft website.
  • Full administration privileges (sysadmin) on the database server (you can remove these privileges from the user after successful installation). The simplest way is to run the installation or the update under account that has the sysadmin rights on the SQL Server. In some cases it is not possible because of corporate security policy. The table below lists minimal permissions to perform the installation or the update.

You can start the installation or the update with a new blank login in SQL Server that has only the right to log on. SQL Server will check the required permissions and you will be able to continue the process if the permissions are changed during the setup.

Required SQL Server Permissions


Global Permissions
Server: VIEW ANY DATABASE Check if a database with the same name already exists
Server: CREATE ANY DATABASE Create new databases
Server: VIEW SERVER STATE Check if SQL Server Agent is running
Service Account: VIEW DEFINITION Check rights


  • In addition to the required SQL Server permissions that are listed above, you will need to add SQL login with the name of the AppFabric group.
  • If a service account has no sysadmin rights, then you should enable Microsoft System CLR Types of SQL Server before the installation.
  • The Server: CREATE ANY DATABASE permissions are required for the update only if you need to create a new database. In most cases you do not need to create any databases during the update.

For more information, see the following articles at the Microsoft website:
How to Set Specific Permissions for the Server
How to Set Specific Permissions for Login

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