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Enum Picker


The Solution Builder provides two controls for picking values of the Schema Pickups. The Enum Picker is used for selecting a single Pickup value, and the Multiple Enum Picker is used for selecting several values of the specified Pickup Data Definition. Here are some examples of these controls

  1. Enum Picker for a single value (Purpose field in Dialog):
  2. Multiple Enum Picker for multiple values (UI Zones field in Action dialog):


The Enum controls have bunch of Properties which are identical to Object Picker control.

Value The bound data model property of the Integer type, which keeps the selected Pickup item value.
Entity Class Name Technical name of the Schema Pickup Data Definition

A simple javascript expression which allows dynamically filter the Pickup items available in the control down.

The expression is executed on client, and uses the data which already were delivered with the enumeration data and already present on client. 

All the attributes which declared in corresponding Pickup (except standard attributes like Image, Description, Position) could be used in the filter expression. The expression standard logic operators, like and, or, &&, ||, !

StateGroup = 7 
Allow Empty Signals the control to offer empty item to be selected, otherwise some of the value be always selected

Advanced Use Cases

Hidden Enumeration Values

Some values of the enumerated data type can be marked as hidden. Those values generally are not displayed in the Enum Picker drop-down list and, thus, cannot be selected as a corresponding field value.


There is a special case when the hidden value is already used as a value of an attribute of an object. In this case the hidden value is still displayed in object previews, and also is present in the Enum Picker drop-down list.

Hidden values are disabled in the Enum Picker drop-down list.

Users can select any other value except for a hidden one to be set to a field. If another value is set to the field, there is no possibility to set the hidden value back. In this case, the whole edit action should be undone to restore that value.


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