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Attachments Control


If it is needed to attach files to an object or show already attached files you may use the Attachments control.



To add an attachment one may click on a "DROP HERE" tile or drag and drop files to this tile.

To delete an attachment move the mouse cursor upon it and click the Delete button.

To download an attachment move the mouse cursor upon it and click the Download button.


To preview an attachment click on the file icon. See also Document Preview page.

It is possible to sort files by File Name, Size or Date Uploaded.

It is possible to filter attached files by file name. The filter is applied automatically as soon as the user types five or more characters to the Filter field.


To add an attachment control just drag-drop it into the layout.




Property group Property name Description
Model Entity Type: String
Type name of an object this control is related to.
Lazy Mode Type: Boolean
Show attachments control only after the user clicks on a link button "Click here to show attachments". This option could optimize widget load performance.
ObjectId Type: GUID
Id of an object this control is related to. By default, Id is taken from a context object.
ObjectIds Type: Array of GUID
Ids of objects whose attachments are to display. Should be used in read-only mode. E.g. to display attachments in some wizard's summary.
Hide Files Type: Array of GUID
An array of file Ids to be hidden in attachment control.
Value Type: String
Filter attachments by specified attachments folder id.
Skip Initial Load Type: Boolean
Skip attachments loading on control initialization.
Common Help Type: String
Content of a context help to be displayed under a help icon.
Read Only Type: Boolean
Defines whether a control is read-only.
Upload multiple files Type: Boolean
Allow users to upload several files at a time. Otherwise, only one file is allowed to be uploaded.
Name Type: String
Control's technical name.
Appearance Files Exist Type: Boolean
The output parameter returns true if files exist.
Visibility Type: Boolean
Defines if the control is visible.
Margin Type: String
Set the control's margin offset in CSS format.
Padding Type: String
Set the control's padding offset in CSS format.
Flex option Type: Option
Flex or Fixed - defines flex behavior on a control.
Device Visibility Desktop Type: Boolean
Defines if control is visible on desktop devices.
Tablet Type: Boolean
Defines if control is visible on tablet devices.
Mobile Type: Boolean
Defines if control is visible on mobile devices.
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