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Configuration Package


The article demonstrates how the changes implemented in previous lessons can be assembled to the Configuration Package "Fleet Management" and then seamlessly installed on another environment. 

Step 1: Generate Configuration Package

The package can be easily generated out of the Configuration Project object with action "Export to Package"

  1. Open the "Fleet Management" project, in the area "Administration/Extensions/Configuration Projects"
  2. Run the action "Export to Package"
  3. If needed elevate the Package version

Step 2: Install the package on remote Environment

The easiest way to install the Configuration Package is using the Configuration Package Web Installer feature.

  1. Open the UUX console of the target environment
  2. Open the management area "Administration/Extensions/Installed Packages"
  3. Start the action "Install Package" and in file-picker choose the package file generated on the previous step
  4. Proceeding with the action the System install the package

Download the latest version of the Fleet Management Configuration Package follows the link

Step 3: Evaluate the installed Package

Find the package among the installed packaged in area "Administration/Extensions/Installed Packages"

Check the Fleet Management application is up and running

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