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Sample: Fleet Management Application




This tutorial leads you from the very basics of the Solution Builder to most general and most popular features of the applications, and step by step, demonstrates how to build the full-fledged UUX application starting from the very scratch, and recommends the development technics which simplify to develop big multi-functional applications.  As an example, we try to take the use case from none-IT Service Management Area, and build an application which manages an organization cars (or fleet),  called "Fleet Management". 

How it works

This Tutorial is never ending story, as continuously updated with the new "lessons", which demonstrates the new features recently introduces in Solution Builder. Each lesson has the Goal is targeted in article, and provides step-by-step instructions explaining how to achieve the goal, as well as a video which demonstrates it.
The accumulative result of the Fleet Management application is always can be downloaded and installed to the latest version of your Solution Builder. T

Download the latest version of the Fleet Management Configuration Package follows the link

To see the installation instructions please check the lesson "Configuration Package"

Target Auditory


The tutorial address the wide range audience, but the main focus to enable the people having minimal knowledge about Solution Builder, or even, no knowledge at all.


Management Console

Introduce a new UUX application “Fleet Management”, where the authorized people be able to manage company’s fleet assets, like cars, fuel cards, etc. The area accumulates all the data related to supported assets, and keeps the whole history of cars, like all accidents. 


Define Fleet Management Data Model and Customization Recording

Show how by means of the Schema Editor the Fleet Management Application Data Model is built, and how the Customization Recording feature simplifies preparing the installation package

Build basic Fleet Management Application

Using the prepared Data Model and the action "New Management Area", in fast way creating all UUX application artifacts like Navigation, Application, Preview, Dialog, Dataset View needed for managing cars

Configuring Application Security

Using the action "Set Permissions" for Configuration Item and "Set Audience" for Dialogs and Navigation items, the security for Fleet Management application is correctly configured, to grand access only for the right people.

Use Themes to customize Fleet Management application appearance

Demonstrates how the Solution Builder Themes can be used to customize overall appearance of the UUX applications.


The section keeps the bunch of lessons explaining various features and techniques of the SolutionBuider which helps to design fancy powerful Dialogs

Dialog: Input Validation

The Lesson demonstrates approaches the Layout Designer provides for validating the entered data in Dialog

Dialog: Dynamically Filter data in Enum Pickert



Use Workflow to implement "Report Accident" action

Shows how the Layout Designer can be used in pairs with the Workflow Studio

Feature: GPS Car Tracking

Set of lessons which step by step implementing the feature "GPS Car Tracking", which allow the Fleet Manager in real time sees the position of the Car which is equipped with the GPS tracker device.  The see the video  which demonstrates the whole use case, follow the link

  1.  Car Tracking 1: Introduce Custom Control "Map"
    Extend Solution Builder with the Control "Map" which shows the position of the car
  2. Car Tracking 2: Web Service for Tracking Car
    Implement Web Service in Solution Builder Web Service repository which returns run-time car coordinates
  3.  Car Action "Track on Map" 
    Introduce the UUX Action available for active Car, which has the GPS tracker device on board.


Packaging and Installations

Configuration Packaging

The lesson explains how the configurations implemented on previous steps can be easily extracted the Configuration Package and then seamlessly installed on another UUX environment.


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