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Configuring background processes with Engines.


When you want to call some background process from Workspace Management, you have the possibility to do so using Engines.

How to Configure?

First of all, you need to register Engine in Administration → Services & Processes → Engines.


You need to specify a set of parameters:

  • Host: choose service which will be used to run your logic from predefined;
  • Engine assembly name: name of .dll,  without extension, where Engine controller is implemented is needed;
  • Activation Parameter Type (optional): when the engine has parameters, specify Implementation Type and .dll name separated by a comma;
  • Implementation type: path to the controller with its name;
  • Engine Interface: name of Interface for Engine;
  • Parameter Page (optional): needed if engine activation needs to be configured in Classic UI and has parameters;
  • Activation parameters Widget (optional): when the engine has parameters, you need to create control with Layout Designer which will be used to fill parameter when configuring Engine activation.

If you want to migrate engines with custom parameters to UUX please check this article.

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