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Data Table Control

Using a control in an E-mail Designer for dynamic rendering of the table in generated E-mail.


Data Table is a control designed for usage exceptionally in Email Designer for dynamic rendering of the table in generated Email. In case the array of data need to be added to Email, the Email designer offers to use either Repeater control, which repents the data as a List, or use Data Table control, to build Table.



Data, is a reference to Data Model property which keeps the array of data, which need to be displayed in the Table. The Data Table control  does not provide special functionality to pre-process the assigned data, like Sorting, Paging. What means the data in the property referred in Data need to keep only the valid data in the right order.

Columns, is complex property which defines the columns, and their appearance in the Table. Each column defines the following properties:

Name, technical name of the column.
Position, defines the column position in a Table
Title, defines the Column Header.
Visible, signals whether the Column need to be displayed in final Email.
Width, sets the column width. 
Alignment, arranges the data on column cells.
Value, reference to a child property of the data collection  specified for the Data property.
Type, helps the System to identify the related data type, to use right formatting



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