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Each application has a number of reports that can be generated from the data available in this application. 

Administration application reports are:

  • Data Model - Configuration Items: shows details for Configuration Items with related Data Definitions and Pickup lists;
  • Data Model - Data Definitions: shows details for Data Definitions with related attributes and relations;
  • Data Model - Pickup Lists: shows details for Pickup lists with related Data Definitions;
  • Security - Roles and Users: shows Roles with all members.


Although the report types are different, the report structure and generation approach are similar throughout all applications.

Click on the Report for more details. Each report has a set of specific filters depending on the type of the report. 

When you click the report no data is loaded to the page. 

Set necessary filters and click View Report to generate and load the data:


Data Model - Configuration Items report with the applied filter

When data is available, the report has an extra panel with the following options:

  • Page navigation
  • Refresh
  • Go back to the parent report
  • Zoom
  • Export report to one of the following formats:
    • XML
    • CSV
    • PDF
    • MHTML (web archive)
    • TIFF
    • Word
  • Print
  • Find in text


Administration reports: report options panel



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