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Pickup Data Definition


A Pickup is a commonly used Data Definition type. Pickup is actually a table that acts as a list of options, for instance, a Pickup with a list of statuses. 

All Pickups are available in Administration application → Schema → Data Definition → Pickups:


Pickups are also available from the Data Definition navigation item and are additionally marked as shown in the example above.

Pickup has the same set of settings as any other Data Definition and additionally allows configuring Data. Although the Pickup settings are practically the same, its usage and purpose differs from the other Data Definition Types.

 Pickup cannot be added as a part of a Configuration Item but can be used in a data definition of other types. See Data Definition: Link to Pickup section for more details.

Pickup Data Properties

Pickup is a lookup table that normally relates a simple number to textual display value. This relation is configured in the Data section of the Pickup settings.

Additionally, each data item of the Pickup has Hidden property that defines whether the data option is available in the user interface:

  • disabled: by default, the checkbox of the Hidden property is not selected. The data item with such property is visible in the application run-time in a list of options that can be chosen from this Pickup.
  • enabled: select the checkbox so that the item is not shown in the user interface and cannot be selected from the list of options.


With Hidden property enabled, the option is hidden from all elements of the user interface except for the column search:
column search showHiddenValuesInSearch true.png

 To remove the hidden option of the Pickup from the column search make the following changes according to the DWP version:

DWP version below 11.0.1

Set the showHiddenValuesInSearch in the dataSource section of the config.json file to false:

"dataSource":  {
                       "showHiddenValuesInSearch":  false


DWP version 11.0.1

Apply the following script to production database: 

insert into PDRDwpFrontendConfigurationClass ([Value],[Type],[Key],UsedInTypeSPSGlobalConfigurationType) 
select 'false',9,'dataSource.showHiddenValuesInSearch','CC0EA0CD-A84A-487C-AE1D-A68EF33E7DE1' 


DWP version 11.0.2 and higher

Go to Administration application → SettingsFrontend settings → disable or enable Show Hidden Values In Search checkbox. See also Global System Settings: Frontend Settings.

A pickup should not be used for data that is frequently changed; it should be used only for static data.

Pickup in the User Interface

 The SVMAnnouncementPickupVisibility pickup with the above-mentioned Data settings is displayed in the user interface as follows:


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