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Which SCCM application areas does the EM support?

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A basic functionality of Enterprise Manager is the installation and removal of an SCCM application. However, not all functionalities of an SCCM Application are supported by the Enterprise Manager. This article shows which areas are supported by the EM.

When you create an application, you must ensure that only MSI or script deployment is supported by the Enterprise Manager.

Create App.JPG

The same is true for creating a "deployment type". There is only MSI or script type supported.

DeploymentType.JPG DeploymentType2.JPG

The detection method supports the types file, registry and MSI,

detection method.JPG detection method2.JPG


The custom scripts: Powershell, VBScript, and JScript are NOT supported!

The User Experience area is supported

user experience.JPG

The last supported scope are the dependencies


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