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Where do the inventory information come from?

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The source of the inventory information differs between the data from SCCM and the Enterprise Manager. The view is merged into Enterprise Manager and viewed through a client's inventory.

The table below provides a detailed description where the information comes from

  SCCM (default) EM (default) SCCM (configurable)
Computer System (no Folder, Location, Domain) System (only Folder, Location, Domain), Active Directory  

SCCM- Agent

Information (no Status), Discoveries, Collectionmember, Rollouts Information (only Status)  
EM- Agent   x  
Operatingsystem x    
Autostart x    
Computergroups   x  
Software AddRemove Programs (Registry)   Installed Software (Asset Intelligence)
Services x    
Patches x    
Accounts   x  
Login   x  
Bios x    
Processor x    
RAM x    
Drives x    
Network Networkcards Live IP- Adresses  
Monitor x    
Graphiccard x    
Soundcard x    
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