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Documentation Action: Install/ Uninstall Package

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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


"Install/ Uninstall Software Package" is one of many actions that can be used in the Enterprise Manager to modify a sequence, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

If the "Install/ Uninstall Software Package" action is selected, the following window is displayed with additional configuration options with various alternatives to share information.

A window will open with all software packages (no applications) that can be selected. Select a software package to be installed or uninstalled. The upper section provides a search option and you can also modify the view (25, 50 and 100 elements per page).

Once you have selected a software package, the lower section displays all "programs" created for this software package in SCCM. You must now select a program!


The "Parameter" window provides an additional possibility to supply additional options during installation. If only the Setup.exe or Setup.msi file and no other parameters required to install this software are specified during application configuration in SCCM, the "Parameter" window can be used to specify parameters accordingly, either by entering these parameters as usual (e.g.: -Servername Server.imagoverum.com) or by using variables in the EM, which are assigned by the administrator for respective tasks.

View mode:

This mode provides several options for a software package: install, uninstall, update or patch.

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