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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7.


This view shows all patches imported from SCCM.

Patches must be approved before they can be installed. To do so, right-click individual patches and "Approve", for several patches use the "Approve Patches" button and specify which patches shall be approved, which distribution point and which update list shall be selected.

Update lists

The "Update lists" section can be used to view existing lists and create new lists. Update lists are collections of patches that are assigned to a release group.

Use the "Configure update list" button to create a new list and specify on which level the list shall be displayed, the release group where it is assigned, which patches are contained, and a hint, if applicable (optional).

Please note

In a future EM version, the update list creation option will be removed!

We recommend that you create update lists before in SCCM as software update groups.

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