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EM Agent

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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7

Agent profiles

The "Agent profiles" menu can be used to create several profiles for detailed EM Agent configuration. Settings for the SCCM Agent are also filed.

One of the filed profiles is defined as default profile. The other profiles are assigned, based on an AD container. When you click on "Configure EM Agent settings", a new window will open where granular configurations can be set for the EM Agent, for instance, to specify the location of the EM Agent cache. By default, the path is "C:\Program Files\Matrix42\Enterprise Manager Agent\Cache".

Please note

To not lose the cache during uninstallation or reinstallation, we recommend that you modify the path accordingly.

All error codes occurring on Windows systems can be overridden with defined descriptions, independent of whether the error codes to be overridden have been generated by MSI packages, by Windows or other programs. Such configurations affect the whole rollout monitoring in the Enterprise Manager.


The "Settings" section is used to define the default settings for a new rollout. You may, for instance, define intervals during which the user can book a rollout for push installations and for mass rollouts.

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