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Installation EM Distribution Point

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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


Distribution points are installed after Enterprise Manager Server installation. The EM DP controls and manages all downloads of the EM Agent, and therefore, it is important to install the EM DP on all SCCM distribution points.


EMv6: .NET Framework 4

EMv7: .NET Framework 4.6

To start the installation, you must launch the file "Matrix42 Enterprise Manager Distribution Point.msi".

Accept the licensing terms.

The EM Server must be entered manually. As EM DP port, the default port (EMv6: 9002, EMv7: 9010) is displayed, but you can change this setting, if required.

Specify the installation directory.

Now, the distribution point is installed and is available for being used by the EM once the installation has been completed.

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