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Installation EM Server

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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7


Before starting EM Server installation, you must ensure compliance with respective installation requirements (see here).

Once setup has been started, the system checks the respective components to ensure their completeness. In case certain components are missing, they will be installed automatically during setup (with the exception of .NET Framework 3.5, .NET Framework 4.6 and IIS, which you must install on the system yourself).

Installation is initiated with the "Matrix42 Enterprise Manager.exe" file.

In the next step, you must configure the EM administrator. We recommend that you select an existing AD user who will be granted the required EM access rights during setup.

Important note

The specified user name is important for the first start of the EM!

Only this user is permitted to open the EM!

The SQL user created to meet installation requirements (see here) is now specified to establish connection with the database. It is important that the SQL user has been granted the described administrative permissions (see here). 


By default, the port for accessing the EM web site is 8098. Required firewall settings can be found here.

In a last step, you must specify the installation directory.

Once installation has been completed, you can start the EM.

Please note

Sometimes, the message 'Enterprise Manager could not start' is displayed when the EM is started for the first time.

In such case, you must start the 'M42EMServer' service manually.

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