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Installation Requirements: Firewall

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Applies for EMv6 & EMv7

Please note

In case the Windows firewall is used on the local systems, access to the EM web page must be granted explicitly

otherwise you can skip this step!

EM uses the following firewall ports actively, and access must be granted accordingly.


The snap-in for the  „Windows Firewall with Advanced Security“ is started, and a new rule is set up in the "Inbound Rule" context menu.

Then "Port" is selected as additional option.

TCP is used as protocol. The port is selected during EM setup.

Please note

By default, the port for the web console is'8098'.

Access for the EM agent must also be enabled, and the TCP ports '9000' and '9001' must be activated for this purpose.

In a last step, you must allow the connection.

The rule is applied to all profiles.


The rule is activated once a name has been specified.

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