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Release Notes for Oracle Compliance

Oracle Compliance 2.2

This release provides a couple of functional changes: new features and improvements.

The Upload Oracle Data Collection Results data provider

It is a new data provider to upload and process Oracle data collection results from folders on remote systems.

Determination of hard/soft partitioning of the systems

Determination of hard/softpartitioning of the systems configuration and compliance checks with Oracle's partitioning policy for systems virtualized with:

  • Oracle Linux KVM
  • Oracle VMx86
  • Solaris Zones

Improvements in automatic generation of complex systems and license requirements

The add-on automatically creates complex systems and license requirements for Oracle database products running on:

  • Oracle Linux KVM
  • AIX lpars
  • Oracle VMx86
  • Solaris Zones

User interface improvements

  • The Purchased Licenses navigation item was added.
  • All default actions are now available for the following navigation items: Software Products, Fingerprints, License Requirements.

Last Scan and Last Import added

These two columns were added to the Systems and Database Products > Instances grids.


The execution date was added to the data collection scripts on Windows systems.


CPU resource collection was improved for the data collection scripts on Unix systems.

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