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Limitations of the Intune Data Provider


The Intune Inventory data provider can successfully be used for the import of devices. Other objects that the data provider imports will not be fully operational. This articles lists main limitations of the current implementation that will be fixed in the next release of the add-on.

It is not recommended to use the Intune Inventory data provider along with the Azure Active Directory data provider as it may lead to the creation of duplicates.

Limitations of the current implementation

The latest released version is 2.4 and available on Matrix42 Extension Gallery.

  1. The data provider imports not more than 1,000 devices (fixed with version 2.4, released 29.07.2021).
  2. Depending on permissions configured within Intune, users cannot be imported by the data provider.
  3. It is not possible to automatically provision services created based on the Intune applications.
  4. Fingerprints for installed applications are imported without the manufacturer name.
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