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Attribute mapping for Azure Hybrid Benefit data provider

What data the Azure Hybrid Benefit data provider imports

When executed, the data provider connects to Azure and retrieves the data about virtual machines and usage of Hybrid Use Benefits by these machines. The data provider also creates stock keeping units and links them to corresponding virtual machines in case of new creation as well as in case the computer has no SKU.

In addition, dedicated records of the Azure Hybrid Benefit configuration item are created for Windows Server and SQL Server in the Licenses application under Purchased Licenses > Azure Hybrid Benefit.

Virtual machines

The data provider connects to Azure and collects all resources of the following types:

  • Virtual machine with Windows Server OS
  • Virtual machine (classic) with Windows Server OS
  • SQL virtual machine

Configuration item: Computer

Matching key: SPSComputerClassBase.Name OR SPSComputerClassBase.DNSName (in the order of priority)

Imported attributes for virtual machines

Data definition Attribute Note
SPSComputerClassBase Name  
SPSAssetClassBase ManufacturerName  
SPSComputerClassOS Manufacturer  
AHBResourceClass Name  
  SqlAHBEnable Relevant for SQL Server only.
  SqlServerLicenseType Relevant for SQL Server only.
  SubscriptionName Relevant for SQL Server only.

A virtual machine is considered for Azure SQL compliance only when the SqlAHBEnable attribute value is true and the SqlServerLicenseType attribute value is either Enterprise or Standard.

Additional values set for virtual machines by the data provider

  • The same ownership as in the configuration is set on creation.
  • Management type is set to "Azure Hybrid Benefit" on creation.
  • Asset status is set according to the configuration on creation or if machine is no longer imported.
  • HyperthreadingActive in the SPSComputerClassBase data definition is set to true.
  • Relation to domain (SPSComputerClassAD) is set for virtual machines if a match is found.


Matching keys: SPSAssetClassBase.ManufacturerName AND SPSStockKeepingUnitClassBase.Model

Data definition Attribute
SPSAssetClassBase ManufacturerName (value is " Microsoft Azure")
SPSStockKeepingUnitClassBase Model
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