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What is Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on

The Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on allows maintaining compliance for Azure Hybrid Benefits that are used by Windows Server virtual machines and SQL virtual machines.

This add-on can be installed from Matrix42 Extension Gallery. It is recommended to install it on Enterprise Service Management version and higher.

The Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on requires that the Generic Inventory Data Provider add-on is installed as well. If you have not installed it earlier, it will be installed automatically when installing the Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on.

In order to run the Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on, you need to have the M42SoftwareAssetManagementForSaaS license certificate.

The DWP Subscription is the prerequisite to using both add-ons.

To use this add-on successfully, you will also need to configure the authorization settings on the portal and then create a service connection object in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

The Azure Hybrid Benefit add-on works correctly and ensures compliance only for software products and license models that come from and are managed by License Intelligence Service (LIS). If you manage your software products without LIS, the add-on will not take into account such data.

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