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How to Set Up Real-Time Scanning of VMware vCenter Inventory


With the real-time scanning inventory of VMware vCenter it is possible to receive up-to-date information on virtual machines including their on/off status, IP, and host. Real-time scanning is significantly faster than the standard Inventory of VMware vCenter Data Provider and updates the data every two minutes, which allows the system to efficiently manage the creation and deletion of related license requirements.

The Inventory of VMware vCenter. Real-Time Scanning Data Provider is delivered as an add-on to Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management and can be downloaded from Marketplace.

Ho to Install the Real-Time Scanning Data Provider

  1. Log in as administrator to the Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management server.
  2. Download the Real-time Scanning VMware vCenter Provider package from Marketplace.
  3. Unpack the downloaded zip archive.
  4. Run VmWareQuickScanComplianceInstaller as Administrator.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Make sure that installation path was defined correctly.
  7. Click Next twice. The installation will begin.

During the installation, you will need to type your domain credentials in the credentials window.

  1. After the add-on is installed, all logged in users should log out and log in again to continue working with the system.

You also need to install PowerCLI version 6.0.0 or higher.

How to Configure the Real-Time Scanning Data Provider

In the old console, go to Administration > Data Providers and do the following:

  1. Configure and run the Inventory of VMware vCenter Data Provider.
  2. To configure the Inventory of VMware vCenter. Real-Time Scanning Data Provider:
  • Specify the same vCenter server that was set for the Inventory of VMware vCenter Data Provider.

The IP address of the server should be filled in.

  • Provide username and password to access the vCenter server.

Under Administration > Services & Processes > Engine Activations, you can access the Inventory of VMware vCenter. Real-time scanning engine activation. By default it is configured to run every two minutes. If necessary, you can adjust the schedule so that the activation runs more rarely.

The Data Provider comes with the English localization only.