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How license management works in general


Matrix42 License Management identifies the license requirements and compares them with the license inventory. As a result, the license balance is generated, which can be presented in the form of reports. You can use these reports to check whether your company fulfills the compliance directives or not and take measures if necessary.

  • License requirement = How many licenses are needed?
  • License inventory = How many licenses do we have?
  • License balance = Do we have enough / too few / too many licenses?
  • Reporting = Are we adequately licensed? Do we have to act, e.g., buy licenses, sell unused licenses?

Identifying license requirements

A company's license requirements can usually be calculated from the total number of used software products. This information is imported from a connected inventory management system (e.g., Matrix42 Empirum) or is obtained by scanning computers using data providers. The inventory management system also scans the company's computers for so-called fingerprints. Installed applications are uniquely identified by the fingerprints.

An application is an installed component of a software product. Software products can consist of several applications. However, there are also software products that cannot be installed because of commercial or contractual definitions (e.g., Microsoft Desktop Professional or Microsoft Core CAL). The license requirement refers to software products, so the scanned applications should be assigned to the corresponding software products. This assignment usually is done by using the so-called Matrix42 LIS (License Intelligence Service). The Matrix42 LIS provides a list of all known applications and their software products. This list is regularly extended and you can download it in Matrix42 License Management.

Identifying license inventory

A company's license inventory is the list of all purchased licenses. This information is either imported or entered directly via the Matrix42 License Management user interface.

Calculating license balance

After comparing the license requirements and the license inventory, Matrix42 License Management automatically calculates the license balance. Any relevant change updates the license balance.

Integration between License Management and Contract Management

  • Orange: Matrix42 License Management
  • Green: Matrix42 Contract Management




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