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Copy of Sending emails triggered by events in FireScope


You can set up integration between FireScope SDDM and Enterprise Service Management so that specific events in FireScope lead to creation of incidents in ESM.

Take the following steps to configure this process:

  1. Create configuration items with attributes whose data is collected.
  2. Create event definitions to define failure criteria/thresholds for those attributes' values. 
  3. Create notifications for when those event definitions change status to FAIL and OK.
  4. Set up the Email Robot in ESM to create incidents based on notifications from FireScope.

Creating configuration items with monitored attributes

A configuration item in FireScope can be created manually or using the Discovery feature.

In this article we will use the example of a configuration item created via Discovery Profiles. However, it is possible to set up the same configuration for an item created manually.


Once an item is created, configure the monitored attribute of this item.


For more information on creating monitored configuration items, please refer to Configuration of Monitored Assets.

Creating event definitions

At this stage, you need to add an event definition that will identify which conditions will result in creating an event.


In the Basic Evaluation Criteria section, you should specify the condition for creating an event.


For step-by-step guidance on creating an event definition, go to Event Management.

Creating notifications for event definitions

FireScope can notify users when an event occurs. To set up this, you need to create a notification based on the event definition:

  1. In FireScope, go to Configuration > Event Definitions > Notifications.
  2. Click the Create Notification button.
  3. Provide the name for your notification and set filter criteria that will trigger it.


  1. In the Procedure section, you need to choose Send Message as the procedure type and configure to whom and which message will be sent.


A FireScope user who is the recipient of this notification needs to have the email account that represents the Matrix42 ESM email address you want to use.

For detailed information on creating notifications, please see this article

Setting up Email Robot in Enterprise Service Management

As the last step you need to set up the Email Robot in ESM to track the mailbox and create incidents based on emails received from FireScope. For details on the configuration of the Email Robot, please refer to Email Robot Settings.

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