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What is License Intelligence Service (LIS)

Matrix42 License Intelligence Service (LIS) is a cloud service that provides predefined software product templates to help ensure license compliance. LIS also provides over one million application samples for automatic fingerprint classification and helps keep track of purchased licenses by matching publisher part numbers (SKUs) to available publisher catalogs. Since the entire LIS contents are constantly being expanded, an online update should be performed regularly to take advantage of new entries. We recommend one update per month.

After the computer inventory data with installed applications is imported, LIS automatically determines which applications are relevant for license compliance and which are not. Applications that need to be licensed are assigned to the respective software products; license requirements are then created or not based on the status of the respective endpoint device.

All software products known to Matrix42 LIS (License Intelligence Service) are located in the Licenses application under Software Compliance > Templates.

The Matrix42 LIS has the following contents:


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