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Enabling high performance for processing of license requirements


You can enable the high performance feature for faster processing of license requirements. This feature uses a new workflow and significantly decreases the time required to process the large amount of data associated with creating and updating license requirements.

How it works

To switch the system to the enhanced performance mode, you need to select the Use compliance reconciliation workflow checkbox and specify the Data Gateway under Settings in the Licenses application.

After you enable the high performance mode, the system activates the License Management - Start License Requirements Reconciliation engine activation. This activation runs every minute and processes all changes that have occurred with license requirements during the last minute. It validates and possibly consolidates license requirements changing their status to one of the following options: Confirmation Missing, Invalid, Consolidated, License Required.

Remember that the activation runs once a minute. It means that the status of license requirements will not be updated immediately after changing data in the user interface.

When the activation is running, you can check its progress by opening the Home dashboard in the Licenses application.


In the enhanced performance mode, the License Management - Data Batch Processing engine activation also uses a new workflow for faster data processing. However, it still runs overnight to process and recalculate all data related to creation and deletion of license requirements as well as update their status.