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Installing and configuring the Matrix42 Intune Inventory data provider


The  Intune Inventory data provider imports devices, users, applications and fingerprints from the Microsoft Intune service.

Please note that there are functional limitations.

You can install the Intune Inventory data provider from the Extension Gallery.

To be able to use the provider, you need the corresponding license certificate.


To configure the data provider:

  1. Open the Administration application and go to Integration > Data Providers.
  2. Double-click the Intune Inventory data provider to open it. The page contains the configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.
  3. Create a new configuration. A new dialog will open.
  4. On the General page, select the Enabled checkbox.
  5. On the Configuration page, provide the following data:
  • Select the Import of User Data checkbox to import your company's employees from Intune. 
  • Select the Create Intune Services (Portal) if you wish to import applications and create them as services in Service Catalog.
  • In the Domain from Tenant field, select a domain to which imported devices will be assigned.
  • In the Organizational Unit field, select an organizational unit to which imported devices will be assigned.
  • Use the Client ID, Tenant, and Client Secret fields to specify the credentials for accessing Microsoft Intune.
  1. Save the data provider.
  2. To import the data, run the Enable and Activate action for the data provider.

Tracking the import progress

Use the Import Logs, Job History, and Workflows pages of the configuration dialog to monitor the import progress. By clicking links for separate import logs, you can see the details of importing each type of data.


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