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How the import from Intune works


Microsoft  Enpoint Management (Intune) is a cloud service that provides device and application management. The Intune Inventory data provider integrates Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management with this solution.

The current version of the data provider has certain restrictions and will be improved with future releases. See Limitations of the Intune data provider.


There are two prerequisites for using this data provider:

  1. Valid license certificate "Matrix42 AG - DWP - M42IntuneDataProvider" is deployed to the Matrix42 application server.
  2. Registered application in Microsoft Azure to access Intune data via API.

Import from Intune

Activating the Intune Inventory data provider 

The data provider can be activated either manually by running the Activate action or automatically by the Intune engine activation. The activation is set to run daily according to a specific schedule.

Launching the Intune Connector Import workflow 

The Intune data provider launches a server workflow that collects settings specified in the data provider configuration.

Launching the data collector workflow 

The Intune server workflow then starts the Intune Connector Data Collector workflow that connects to the Microsoft Intune service and collects the inventory.

Collecting the Intune inventory 

The Intune Connector Data Collector workflow retrieves objects from Intune and saves them as a package of XML files. XML files contain data on the following objects:

  • Devices
  • Stock keeping units
  • Users
  • Accounts
  • Fingerprints for installed applications
  • Mobile applications that can be installed

Forwarding inventory data

The Matrix42 worker passes XML files to the server workflow.

Importing inventory data

The Intune Connector Import workflow executes import definitions for each of the received XML files. It uses the XML files as data source to update existing objects with new values and create new objects in Matrix42 Enterprise Service Management.

The following import definitions are executed:

Import Definition Description Comment
Intune: Import/Update SKU Creating stock keeping units for imported devices.  
Intune: Import/Update Mobile Devices Creating or updating devices managed in Intune.  
Intune: Import Fingerprints Creating fingerprints for installed applications.  
Intune: Detected Apps Creating installations between devices and applications. Data is not collected from Intune in the current version of data provider.
Intune: Import User Data Creating or updating persons associated with managed devices. Only if import of user data is enabled in data provider configuration.
Intune: Import Account Data Creating user accounts for registered users. Only if import of user data is enabled in data provider configuration.
Intune: Import Mobile Apps Creating services from mobile applications available for auto-deployment. Only if import of Intune services is enabled in data provider configuration.
Intune: Create Service Configuration Form Creating service order forms for the Self Service Portal. Only if import of Intune services is enabled in data provider configuration.
Intune: Assign MobileApps to Catalog Assigning imported services to a pre-defined service catalog. Only if import of Intune services is enabled in data provider configuration.

For details about the import, please refer to Intune data provider attribute mapping.

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