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Working with the Release Management application

Home page

The Home page provides a bird's-eye view of the key information about the planned releases by month and by status as well as related tasks.



Use the Products navigation item to manage a list of products: create and describe their purposes, assign responsible team, product owner, and set deployment type(s).

You can also add releases that are transformed into a Roadmap on the product preview:



Release plays an important role in joining the gap between the project activities and the tangible modules and software services that product teams produce and deliver with every new roll-out of the product.

The Releases navigation item contains a list of releases with all related information like problems, tasks, changes, included features, etc.:


The Apply Release Template action

It is possible to apply a release template for the release. Depending on the planned GA date of a release, release phases will be automatically calculated and added to the release.

Release template is displayed as a Gantt diagram in the release preview.


Every feature is a part of a defined product and is delivered in a specified release. Additionally, you can add tasks that are related to this feature or report tickets or problems pertaining to this feature.

Edit the feature and set its status to see the overall progress on the board:


Change requests




Changes are normally used for automated phases of the release lifecycle.

For instance, when using the Default Release Template, the Release Testing phase is linked to the Release Management - Testing Release Phase change template.

When the release status is changed to Ready for Testing, the system will create a new change and start the process of validation automatically.

A new change will have a list of tasks. Tasks related to the change need to be closed as Directly solved in order for the release to automatically change its status to Ready for Shipment. If you close a task as Rejected, a problem will be created.

When the validation phase ends, the release status will be changed to Ready for Shipment, which will trigger the next phase - Deployment.


Release Management provides the following reports that can be generated from the data available in this application:

  • Overview Release List includes a product-specific list of releases, information about their status, type, priority, and planned end date.
  • Release-Details requires a release number or code (e.g. REL00002).


Click on a report to open it. Each report has a set of specific filters depending on the type of the report. 

Set necessary filters and click View Report to load the data.


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