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What is Alternative Known Error handling


The Alternative Known Error handling extension enables to define existing problems as known errors. The featured solution is seen as an alternative way than done by the default product and is provided based on a community extension.

The extension can be installed from our Matrix42 Extension Gallery.

Included Components

Once you are done with the installation, you will find:

  • A new wizard to handle Known Errors in an alternative way
  • A new action Known Error handling
    • Audience defined for roles Administration and Problem Management
  • Adjusted dataset views for:
    • Problems
    • Known Errors
  • Adjusted edit dialog and preview for problems
  • Adjusted data definition SPSActivityClassGroupTicket
  • Added entries for SPSJournalEntryPickupType
    • 30300 - Know Error tag added
    • 30310 - Know Error tag removed
  • A new workflow Action - Know Error handling responsible for applying the changes to problems
  • UI and Journal Entry support for English and German
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