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Known error handling process

The alternative known error handling allows defining known errors without actually closing the problemб which will ease further processing of the record itself.

Please note that the standard handling will not be disabled by installing the extension. Hiding the closing reason and all other related settings need to be done manually.

Once you select a problem, you will already see in the preview that the Known Error status was added based on the extension.

Known Error tag on Problem preview

Already defined known errors will not show the flag and need to be updated manually, via public API or SQL update.

As long as the problem is not closed, you will find the action Known Error handling in the action panel (Single Object context).

Action 'Known Error handling'

The newly added wizard will open once you click on the action.

Based on the actual defined known error status, the wizard will allow you to select or clear the Known Error checkbox.

Current status Status after execution Comment
Known Error checkbox NOT set Known Error checkbox selected The problem is currently not defined as a known error. Once the wizard is finished, it will be tagged as known error.
Known Error checkbox set Known Error checkbox cleared The problem is currently defined as a known error. Once the wizard is finished, it will no longer be tagged as such.

Additional information always needs to be provided to document the process. The provided text will be added to the problem journal as well.

Example of a created journal entry.

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