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Datacenter inventory


Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management delivers the Datacenter inventory feature by integrating with an external scanner. This system scans computers that constitute a data center and returns results to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management. Based on imported data, Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management creates fingerprints and installations for discovered applications, thus launching the data center license management process. The integration is implemented by using the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider.

The Datacenter Inventory Data Provider is delivered as an add-on to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management. To use it, you should activate the m42DatacenterCompliance license certificate.


Import of the datacenter inventory data

1 - Activating the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider

The import of data center inventory data is triggered manually by executing the Activate action for the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider and automatically by the Datacenter Compliance engine activation.

2 - Launching the Datacenter Connector Workflow

The Datacenter Inventory Data Provider starts the Datacenter Connector workflow. It is a server workflow that is always run in Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management.

3 - Passing Jobs to Data Gateway

The Datacenter Connector workflow creates jobs according to the enabled configurations of the Data Provider. The configurations contain data that is required for establishing the connection with the Scan Engine for data centers and stipulate the list of computers for which the inventory data should be imported. When the Data Gateway service finds the jobs, it retrieves the required information from the Scan Engine.

4 - Collecting Data Center Inventory

Based on the list of computers that is specified in the Data Provider configuration, the Scan Engine passes the inventory data which is then saved as a package of XML files:

  • Scanned Datacenter.xml
    Contains computer objects that have been scanned.
  • Datacenters Inventory Data.xml
    Contains inventory data for the computers that have been scanned.

5 - Passing Data Center Inventory Data to Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management

The Data Gateway passes XML files to the Datacenter Connector workflow.

6 - Creating and Updating Objects Based on Imported Data

The Datacenter Connector workflow executes import definitions for each of the received XML files. It uses the XML files as data source to update existing objects with new values and create new objects in Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management.

The following import definitions are executed:

  • Datacenter: Import Computers
    The import definition updates the existing computer records with the data which links computers to their inventory information. It uses the Scanned Datacenter.xml file as a data source.
  • Datacenter: Import Computer Inventory Data
    The import definition updates inventory information, such as fingerprints, installations, network cards, operation system, processor, etc., for the existing computer records. It uses the Datacenters Inventory Data.xml file as a data source.

Configuring the Datacenter Inventory data provider

A valid and activated m42DatacenterCompliance license certificate is required to run the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider. If you do not own such a certificate yet, you can contact a Matrix42 sales representative to purchase it.

For information on required ports, see Ports Used by Connectors and Data Providers.

For every instance of the Scan Engine for datacenters, you need to set up a configuration for the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider by specifying the following data:

  • Settings to connect to the Scan Engine for the Datacenter
  • The Data Gateway that will run the Data Provider configuration
  • List of computers to scan

To add a new Data Provider configuration:

  1. In Matrix42 Software Asset and Service Management, open the Data Providers search page under Administration > Integration.
  2. Double-click the Datacenter Inventory Data Provider to open it. The properties dialog contains the Configurations list where configurations for this provider can be managed.
  3. To add a new configuration for the Data Provider, click + above the Configurations grid. The new properties dialog will open.
  4. Fill in the GeneralIncluded Computers and Excluded Computers dialog pages for the new configuration.
  5. Click DONE to save the configuration, and then click SAVE or DONE to save changes for the Data Provider.

There is an alternative way to create a Datacenter Inventory Data Provider configuration:

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