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Service Scope


On the Service Scope dialog page, you define which Services or Service Types are covered by the support contract.


For this, it is important to know the following definitions:

  • If neither a service type nor a service is defined, the contract covers all services and service types (only the possible asset scope, category scope, and entitlement restrictions are applied).
  • If service types or services are defined, the contract covers only those specified services or services of the specified service type.


A new SLA should cover all service types and services:

  • Define nothing at all.

A new SLA should cover the services of the Software type:

  • Define the Software service type.

A new SLA should cover the Software service type and also the User Account service:

  • Define the Software service type.
  • Define the User Account service.

A new SLA should only cover the User Account service:

  • Define the User Account asset service.
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