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Combining Entitlements and Scopes


It is most likely that you will need to set up specific combinations of entitlement and scopes while using SLAs within the service level management and ticket processing. For a better understanding of the interaction, read the following examples.


A new SLA covering the Hardware services should be offered to the legal unit Imago Verum Inc.:

In Entitlement, define the Imago Verum Inc organizational unit.

  • In Service Scope, define the Hardware service type.

A new SLA covering the email service should be offered to the VIP users Mike and Tim:

  • In Entitlement, define the users Mike and Tim.
  • In Service Scope, define the E-Mail service.

A new SLA should cover the Database Engine service on the VIRTUAL_SERVER machine:

  • In Asset Scope, define the VIRTUAL_SERVER asset .
  • In Service Scope, define the Database Engine service .

A new SLA should cover all assets from the Lenovo T61 SKU which are offered in Matrix42 Service Catalog as the Standard Notebook service:

  • In Asset Scope, define the Lenovo T61 SKU.
  • In Service Scope, define the Standard Notebook service.
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