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Release Notes SPM v4.6.0


SPM v4.6.0 is a feature, bug fix, and performance release with security updates related to log4j hot fixes brought into the main build.

New Features & Updates

REST API - v3.10.0
  • PRB35878 • Added optional field for FireScope ID to REST API responses
EMI - v2.3.4
  • Enhanced connectivity checking by testing port availability with a socket connection attempt.

Issues Fixed

SPM - v4.6.0
  • PRB35827 • Removed SNMPv3 AuthPriv AES256 encryption setting for credentials due to incompatibilities.
  • PRB36214 • Overnight Maintenance Windows will display correctly in the calendar.
  • PRB36432 • Lengthy Attribute history values will now display the historical value clicked instead of the current last value.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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