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Release Notes for Service Performance Manager (SPM) 4.3.1


Issues Fixed 

  • (#290939)[SPM] PRB35153 Fixed: Maintenance Windows colors are missing
  • (#290940)[SPM] PRB35153 Fixed: Maintenance Window “End Now” button does nothing
  • (#289881)[SPM] CS-201 Fixed: Cannot unlink Cherwell CMDB CIs
  • (#289742)[SPM] CS-202 Fixed: Visual Controls, graphs do not display
  • (#290380)[SPM] CS-206 Fixed: Maintenance Windows do not suppress events from firing
  • (#289740)[SPM] ES-109 Fixed: Browser warning when saving Blueprint Attribute with Delay change
  • (#288234)[SPM, SDDM] CS-181 Fixed: Business Service Rule processing with single VIP IP Starting Address
  • (#289334)[App] ES-107 Fixed: Existing edgeless Credentials not sent to new Edge Device

Functional Changes  

  • No new functionality added with this release.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

Matrix42 Help Desk

Phone: +49 (69) 667 738 222

General information about Matrix42 support services can be found here:

Other Resources   

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