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Release Notes for Service Performance Manager (SPM) 4.2.0


Issues Fixed    

  • (#3789) Fixes: Event Definition Value times in Account Time Zone instead of User
  • (#3790) Fixes: Edge Device Scorecard doesn’t load
  • (#3759) Fixes: Parse Error on Event Severities page
  • (#3760) Fixes: Service Management > Port Details: Enforce CI Permissions
  • (#3761) Fixes: Top/Bottom X widget: Missing unit of measurement
  • (#3762) Fixes: CSP-8039 :: Discovery Jobs: Extend default time periods
  • (#3763) Fixes: CSP-8040 :: CI MultiView: Permissioned users show no content
  • (#3764) Fixes: CSP-8037 :: CI MultiView: Event counts broken
  • (#3765) Fixes: Update Edge Device OVA download link
  • (#3770) Fixes: Edge Scorecard – Edge Name & Version display issues
  • (#3745) Fixes: Cannot create a BP ED in SPM
  • (#3746) Fixes: CSP-8028: SSH & WMI Delete Credential Modal missing content
  • (#3747) Fixes: Add Event Defs to Context Menu On CI Page
  • (#3742) Fixes: SNMPv3 Auth/Priv passphrase doesn’t save
  • (#3743) Fixes: Unable to delete Edge Device in CMI
  • (#3744) Fixes: Incorrect Edge Flow Config promiscuous mode network interface value
  • (#3736) Fixes: Flow Database Index rewrites
  • (#3737) Fixes: Network Destinations Client column sorting issues
  • (#3738) Fixes: Footer overlapping page content
  • (#3739) Fixes: Broken CI Unlink Discovery Profile response
  • (#3740) Fixes: CI Cloning Errors
  • (#3731) Fixes: Maintenance Window creation errors
  • (#3732) Fixes: Discovery Rule Add to new Service Group Validation Error
  • (#3733) Fixes: Discovery Rules never apply their actions
  • (#3721) Fixes: Endless login page redirects if account expired/suspended
  • (#3725) Fixes: Read-only Chips have a Remove Icon
  • (#3726) Fixes: Pages with tree-view navigation doesn’t work
  • (#3727) Fixes: Service Group validation fails, but still saves
  • (#3728) Fixes: Traffic Map filters don’t require Port for Starting Address helper
  • (#3729) Fixes: Network Traffic Map missing pan/zoom controls
  • (#3730) Fixes: Remove Edge Device Network Traffic Context Item that wasn’t implemented
  • (#3708) Fixes: Edge Device Edit Form doesn’t save Flow Config
  • (#3719) Fixes: Can’t create new Maintenance Window
  • (#3721) Fixes: Endless login page redirects if account expired/suspended
  • (#3604) Fixes: CI Migration: Require at least 1 CI to migrate
  • (#3680) Fixes: Map Loading Issue for Missing Cluster Member
  • (#3708) Fixes: CMI Edge Device Edit Form does not show correct Edge Flow Config settings for the account
  • (#3695) Fixes: Misleading No Data message for Business Service Traffic list
  • (#3696) Fixes: User Group Picker & Permissions incorrect
  • (#3691) Fixes: URL_DIR_PRODUCT Error in Explorer URLs
  • (#3653) Fixes: Typos and Spelling Errors
  • (#3668) Fixes: Discovery Rule can save without a filter/action
  • (#3677) Fixes: Explore > Network > Service Entry Points doesn’t sort by Clients
  • (#3684) Fixes: Manage Attributes doesn’t submit

Functional Changes    

ConnectWise Incident Integration for SPM (licensed feature)

SPM now provides integration to the IT service management solution ConnectWise. ConnectWise has been widely adopted by MSP’s as their choice for ITSM. Customers who have licensed the ConnectWise integration can now open ConnectWise incidents automatically with event definitions or manually. When creating an incident from a FireScope event, you can choose to open a new ConnectWise incident or assign the event to an existing ConnectWise incident.

PCI DSS compliance improvements

There are several changes we made to the product to ensure we help our customer meet PCI DSS compliance requirements including updating all edge and backend software libraries to the latest versions, secured agent to edge communication and ability to install the edge, app and database on customer hardened RHEL 7 operating systems.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

Matrix42 Help Desk

Phone: +49 (69) 667 738 222

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