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Release Notes SPM v4.7.0


SPM v4.7.0 is a feature and bug fix release with the ability to use non-root SSH Connection Credentials with privilege elevation commands & Kerberos authentication support.

New Features & Updates

SPM - v4.7.0

New Features

  • Configuration > Discovery > Credentials Management
    • ​​​​SSH Credentials have been updated to transparently work with Kerberos authentication.
    • A new option allows you to specify a privilege elevation command for your credential, allowing non-root, sudoer credentials to be used during discovery.
    • A list of required commands for discovery is also displayed on the credential page to help set sudoer permissions.
Edge Device - v3.10.0
  • Fixed an issue to prevent WMI Attribute collection attempts when no WMI Attribute is assigned to the CI. 

Issues Fixed

SPM - v4.7.0
  • PRB35999 • Business Service Dependencies now show the correct Last Collected date. 


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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