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Release Notes SPM v4.6.3


SPM v4.6.3 is a bug fix & performance improvement release to address customer & internal feedback since the previous release.

Fixes & Changes

SPM - v4.6.3
  • PRB35995 • Maintenance Windows with past occurrences can now be updated to change all future occurrences’ details or termination (but not repetition settings). 
  • Business Service Rules will now allow a Minimum Packets of 0.
  • Updated all URLs to equivalents.
  • Updating existing Maintenance Windows will now save correctly.
App Server - v3.10.5
  • PRB36631 • Prevent false alerts when immediately exiting a Maintenance Window for Events requiring multiple, sequential evaluations.
REST API - v3.10.5
  • /web_services now uses a publicly-signed TLS certificate for HTTPS on ports 38060 & 38061
  • /web_services/ci_relationship will now include the Configuration Item's ID as the source_ci.firescope_id and target_ci.firescope_id fields.
Edge Device - v3.9.2
  • If currently running, all Discovery Jobs will stop processing as soon as the Edge Device receives the disabled Discovery Job.
EMI - v2.3.6
  • Fixed an issue where restarting the Apache service fails and prevents the EMI from loading.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

Matrix42 Help Desk

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