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Release Notes SPM v4.6.2


SPM v4.6.2 is a bug fix & performance improvement release to address customer & internal feedback since the previous release.

Fixes & Changes

SPM - v4.6.2
  • PRB36540 • Additional fixes to unlink a Configuration Item from the Cherwell CMDB integration
  • PRB36633 • Dashboard slideshow play/stop button will now properly control the slideshow and use default settings if the user has disabled their dashboard refresh rate.
  • Edge Device Registration Keys have reduced the require information payload.
App Server - v3.10.3
  • Discovery Jobs with SSH & WMI credentials will now update Configuration Item inventory data.
REST API - v3.10.3
  • The firescope_id field will be included automatically in all response objects going forward.
Edge Device - v3.9.1
  • Topology Discovery Jobs will obey address exclusions
  • Weak SSH Algorithms have been removed from the supported list, which has been updated with the algorithms currently considered to be "strong".


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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