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Release Notes for Secure Discovery & Dependency Mapping (SDDM) 4.4.0

About this Release

Issues Fixed

  • (#294002) Fixed: An issue preventing Edge Devices from being disabled
  • (#294427) Fixed: An issue where a failed Virtual Discovery job would offer Discovery Results, but delivered a 404 page
  • (#294709) Fixed: An issue where an SSO user would receive a 404 page after a successful login
  • (#300599) Fixed: An issue where SAML Connection Settings would be stored & displayed incorrectly
  • (#304782) Fixed: An issue preventing Global Discovery Exclusions from being cleared.
  • (#305996) Fixed: An issue where Blueprint Attribute calculated operations could not be '0'
  • (#305997) Fixed: An issue where Blueprint Attribute does not display previously set targeted Custom Inventory Field
  • (#300599) Fixed: An issue causing SAML configuration to be stored incorrectly
  • (#306138) Fixed: An issue with SNMP Table Blueprint assignments interface & processing
  • (#306429) Fixed: An issue where Value Display options were not available to edit when expected
  • (#306670) Fixed: An issue where changing the license from SPM to SDDM remembered the chosen SPM homepage
  • (#294730) Fixed: An issue preventing Cherwell-federated Service Groups from being unlinked
  • (#303323) Fixed: An issue where multiple sibling Baseline Map lines would stack when recovering to the full map
  • (#306428) Fixed: An issue where some new nodes rendered far from the main area of the Baseline Map
  • (#297017) Fixed: An issue preventing deletion of orphaned Service Group Delegate Configuration Items
  • (#304773) Fixed: A missing link on the Event Definition List sub-navigation items

Functional Changes

  • (#280640) Added: Ability to edit some Chip components as a CSV of text
  • (#282801) Added: New Integration Manager feature added Matrix42 CMDB Federation and made improvements to Cherwell CMDB Federation
  • (#302095) Changed: Minimum Attribute Collection Delay is 60 seconds (down from 3600 seconds)
  • (#302096) Changed: Allow freeform Attribute Operation for FireScope Agent type Attributes
  • (#305301) Added: Ability to display the Baseline Map page in full-screen mode
  • (#305328) Changed: Performance Improvements for Remote Agents list & date/time calculations
  • (#306671) Added support for Microsoft Azure Discovery to SDDM  


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