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Release Notes SDDM v4.7.1


FireScope v4.7.1 is a bug fix and performance release.

In the 4.7.x release-series there is a deprecation notice for the FireScope to Matrix42 ESM CMDB Federation screens. This integration is being replaced with a new ESM-side integration by a similar name: Infrastructure Forensics - CI Federation. Please migrate to the new integration before FireScope v4.8.0, scheduled for release in October 2022.

Issues Fixed

SDDM - v4.7.1
  • Update all 4.7.0 feature pages to have their Knowledge Base Help Icons link to the new documentation pages.
  • The Cluster Edit form will allow proper manual creation of Load Balancer Clusters.
  • The Cluster List will now show the checkboxes only when they are available for interaction.
  • Fixed some typos in the Discovery Edit Form help text and field labels.
  • When on the Discovery Edit Form, the Results Processing Panel will now re-enable the appropriate toggles when changing Discovery Job Types.
  • CI Inventory Field "Total Ram" is now a string, and not a number, which may or may not come with units included, depending on the source of the data.
    • This change is in the CI Edit Form's Inventory Panel fields and the CI Inventory List.
    • The Inventory Export has also been updated to a single total_ram field.
  • Event Definition Icons will now render as icons instead of text.
REST API - v3.11.2
  • /web_services/ci_relationship response object will now include a field firescope_servicegroupid to contain the GUID of the Service Group.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

Matrix42 Help Desk

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