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Release Notes SDDM v4.7.0


SDDM v4.7.0 is a feature, bug fix, and performance release. Important changes include adjustments to licensed Configuration Item (CI) count to support Compound CIs (CIs with multiple IP addresses, linked together as a Primary/Secondaries set), a new IP Group feature to consolidate IP space on the network for use in discovery and passive CI grouping, and the ability to use non-root SSH Connection Credentials with privilege elevation commands & Kerberos authentication support. A number of quality-of-life improvements have been added, and a handful of additional bug fixes.

Also in this release is a deprecation notice for the FireScope to Matrix42 ESM CMDB Federation screens. This integration is being replaced with a new ESM-side integration by a similar name: Infrastructure Forensics - CI Federation. Please migrate to the new integration before FireScope v4.8.0, scheduled for release in October 2022.

New Features & Updates

SDDM - 4.7.0

New Features

  • Multiple IP Support for Configuration Items
    • Combine all the CIs representing a single device into a Primary-Secondary compound CI.
    • CIs that are marked as Secondary CIs will not count against your Licensed CI Count unless you have Attributes collecting data for them.
    • For basic CMDB (Configuration Management Database) usage, this is ideal because you just need to track IPs relative to devices, and you can still group them into Service and Logical Groups for organization & Business Service Baseline Mapping.
    • When displayed on a Baseline Map, they will be bundled under the Primary CI, and expandable to show you all the Secondary CIs participating in the Service's Dependencies. However, when dealing with the dependencies and inventory, only the CIs participating in dependencies will be shown.
    • For more advanced Monitoring and Alerting, you can still create Attributes, Event Definitions, and Notifications against Secondaries just like you normally do to track the details and status of specific network cards on the CI.
    • /web_services/ci will provide a simple CI reference to for the parent/child relationship on Compound CI objects returned in the ci.parent_ciid and ci.child_ciids fields, each containing the CI Name, Edge Device Name and FireScope ID of the related CI.
  • Configuration > Edge Device > IP Groups
    • Use the new IP Groups to gather & centrally manage sets of IP Addresses, CIDRs, and Host Names relative to an Edge Device into a collection, even before they exist as Configuration Items (CIs).
    • Create a Discovery Job to regularly scan this area of the network using the IP Groups as Inclusions or Exclusions. Use Discovery Rules to apply Blueprints, Logical Groups, or any other actions on CIs found in this network space.
    • As new CIs are found that match the addresses in an IP Group, they will pick up a reference to the group automatically and be impacted by the associated Discovery Rules.
  • Configuration > Connection Credentials
    • SSH Credentials have been updated to transparently work with Kerberos authentication. 
    • A new option allows you to specify a privilege elevation command for your credential, allowing non-root, sudoer credentials to be used during discovery. 
    • A list of required commands for discovery is also displayed on the credential page to help set sudoer permissions. 
  • Integration Manager > CMDB > Matrix42
    • The Matrix42 CMDB Integration via the FireScope SDDM is being replaced with an Extension in ESM (Enterprise Service Management) that is set up and configured from the ESM side. 
    • If you are using the Matrix42 CMDB Federation, please migrate to the new Integration: Infrastructure Forensics – CI Federation before FireScope v4.8.0’s release by the end of calendar Q3 2022.
  • Explore > Log Viewers 
    • For tier 3+, Attribute types & operations have been updated/added to allow for the collection of some device logs: Windows Event, SNMP Trap, and Syslog.
    • Filter all types of logs collected by specific categories, and other parameters. Then use the Log Viewers to run a date/keyword search over them by Edge Device.
    • For Syslog, a pair of new panels was added to the Application Settings page for Syslog Facilities and Priorities. 

Additional Updates

  • Added a filter to the interior page navigation on Discovery Results and Edge Device Scorecard pages.
  • Added optional auto-refresh for List pages, controlled from the Application Settings panel in a User’s Profile.
  • Added shortcuts to CI Inventory to some page headers and context menus.
  • Additional performance optimizations for the CI List.

Issues Fixed

SDDM - v4.7.0
  • PRB35999 • Baseline Map & Dependency List now show the correct Last Collected date.
  • PRB36769 • CMDB Federation CI Matching Rules will now display available chips for selection on new rules.
  • Added a check to prevent multiple CI Inventory Custom Fields with the same name, to avoid data loss during export & federation. 
  • Baseline Map Cluster nodes will save their location in the map correctly. (May require an update to existing Preset map layouts to take effect.) 
  • Fixed an issue where the CI List’s credential type columns displayed “Unknown Credential” when no credential is assigned to the CI for a given type. 
  • For Attributes that do not collect on regular intervals, their Last Check icon status has been adjusted, and the collection interval is not applicable.
Edge Device - v3.10.0
  • Fixed an issue to prevent WMI Attribute collection attempts when no WMI Attribute is assigned to the CI. 


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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