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Release Notes SDDM v4.6.1


SDDM v4.6.1 is a bug fix & performance improvement release to address customer & internal feedback since the previous release.

Fixes & Changes

SDDM - v4.6.1
  • PRB36494 • Upon Account Reactivation, Maintenance Windows will reschedule themselves correctly.
  • Performance improvements to List pages & permission checks
  • The Configuration Item Inventory page will now correctly filter by Logical Group selections.
  • The Delete Blueprint Group change-action will now actually delete the group.
  • The Delete Tag change-action will now actually delete the Tag.
  • Fixed a problem with the Notification Channel edit form having wrong data.
  • Added a link on the product name & logo to the user’s default URL.
  • Allow modification of the Configuration Item Type priority values.
  • General fixes to event triggering, interactions, and component library.
App Server - v3.10.2
  • Fixed usage of the license properties to properly determine Configuration Item Limit warning and overage thresholds.
REST API - v3.10.2
  • Added “ci_profile.last_seen” field to CI response objects.


If you experience any problems regarding this version, please contact our support team:

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