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Client folder structure EM Agent v7

Applies for EMv7

Where to find what on the client on EM Agent v7

Any information on the client on the EM Agent can be found in the folder "C:\ProgramData\Matrix42\Enterprise Manager Agent\", including the following:


  • Information on a package, contains file list per SCCM application/SCCM package
  • Information on the download server (DP's)


  • Anything that runs on the Agent
  • For 20.0.2: A second queue in the agent divides the jobs into "system" and "tasks". This enables a faster and more efficient processing of the jobs!
  • The file displays information on when the respective job runs with which parameters
  • Running subdirectory : Shows which job is currently being processed, which can only be one file at a time; if no job is running, the folder is empty.


  • Log of the Agent, shows all actions that are executed and displays errors


  • Contains all files that need to be sent to the server
  • If this folder does not contain any file, all data on the server are up-to-date.
  • Errors folder: In case a file could not be transmitted after the 100th attempt, it is moved into the Error folder.


  • Data Storage, contains all control information
  • Shows which data have been transmitted and, in most cases, been transferred to the server.


  • Displays all running tasks.
  • All information on a task has been collected in the task file.
  • History folder: If a task is removed, it is moved into the History folder.
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