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Administrator Guide III: Depot


The Object Library lists all available software types (Classic) and all available services (Modern). This list contains general information about the software packages which are available for use in application:

  • Name - name of software type;
  • Active Assignments - number of active assignment groups where the package is applied to; 
  • Installations - number of devices which have already installed the object;
  • Service Type - service type;
  • Management Type - management type.

By clicking on a device displayed in the list, another window opens with further information and configuration options, such as Add to Assignment(s), Create Assignment, Delete, History, Show Dependencies and Export.

Objects with the Status "Blocked" or "Retired" will not be shown in this list.

Add to Assignment(s)

Click on the button to open a list of all available assignments. You can now mark one or more assignments and then add them via the button to the assignments.

Create Assignments

Clicking the button opens the Assignment window, in which an appropriate assignment can be configured for the selected device.

Preview Pane for Objects

By selecting an Object (Software Package/Service), a preview pane opens up including further technical information and interaction possibilities.

This view is arranged in several tabs:


This tab shows all object-specific information like: Servicename, Status, Service Type.


In this tab of the preview pane, all devices which already have installed on the selected service are displayed.

Selecting a device in this list will show further details for this device.

Assignments: Assigned to Assignment Groups

In this tab of the preview pane, all Assignments are shown where the selected object has been added to.

In addition this table shows the current rollout process of applications on a device, using the following columns:

  • devices: Shows the number of devices that have been assigned to install this object by a single assignment group.
  • installed: Shows the number of devices of an assignment, that has been already installed selected package.

In this list only those Assignments are shown that have been created inside of UEM Console.

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