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Settings for Device Matching and Empirum API

On the navigation panel you can find the navigation item Settings. There are two settings categories:


With the settings under Devices you can configure two additional behaviors:

  1. The behavior of the backend concerning the matching and merging of devices that are available in the Silverback System as well as in the Empirum System.
  2. The behavior of the backend concerning the import of additional devices running on Windows and macOS platform.

Option Device Matching

Check this option in order to avoid duplicate devices in the UEM Console that are available in both system (Silverback and Empirum). If activated, devices will show up as Management Type Hybrid under additional navigation item Endpoint Devices Matched.

Device Matching and merging explained

The matching feature prevents double-managed Windows 10 or macOS devices to show up as two entries (one from Empirum, another one from Silverback) in the UEM Console. Matching follows these rules:

  • Identifying redundant Windows 10 and macOS device entries happens by the device's Serial Number
  • Properties and inventory information are merged from latest (newest LastSeen date) device
  • Management Type is set to Hybrid

As an outcome only one device entry will be displayed and Management Type is set to Hybrid.

Option Import Windows 10 and macOS devices from Silverback

Check this option in order to import devices running on Windows 10 or macOS platform into your Service Management System.

For the changes to take effect you need to initiate a run of the Silverback Data Provider.

 Empirum Endpoint Settings (Actions)

Here you can configure the access to your Empirum-API.

  • Protocol

Please specify the protocol type of your Empirum-API Service installation is configured and running at. You can either enter net.tcp or http/https, depending on your Empirum-API configuration on your Empirum Server.

  • IP Address

Please specify the name or the IP-Address of your Empirum-API Service (Empirum Server).

  • Port

Please specify the port number on which your Empirum-API is configured to listen. You can find these information on your Empirum Server using Empirum DBUtil under Install/Configure services > Empirum-API.

The TCP default port is 9100.

You can find these informations at your Empirum Server, starting Empirum DBUtil under Install/Configure Services > Empirum-API.

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