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EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console: Installation

Once installed, EgoSecure Server can be managed both via the desktop application (EgoSecure Data Protection Console) and via the web application (EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console). EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console works on the basis of Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management and requires an additional installation.

Preparing the installation

Starting the installation

Install the EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console on the same computer where Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management is installed:

  1. Start the UUX_for_SUEM_Installer.exe file.
    => The MPL Customizing Installer dialog appears.

    Install SUEM.png
  2. In the Local path field, specify the installation directory. The directory must be the same as of the installed Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management.
  3. The App Host field, the DB Server field and the DB Name field are filled in automatically on the basis of the data provided during the Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management installation.
  4. Click Start.
    => The installation starts, the progress bar appears.
  5. Once the installation finishes, click Close.

=> Two applications are installed: Secure Unified Endpoint Management and EgoSecure Data Protection:


After the installation

Open the EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console via browser and connect it to the EgoSecure Server:

  1. In the adderess bar of your browser enter https://[your app host]/wm/
  2. Enter your login data and click Sign in.
  3. Open the EgoSecure Data Protection application.

    edp app.png
  4. On the navigation pane on the left, click Settings.


    => The EgoSecure Data Protection configuration section opens.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. In the Server URL field, enter the URL address of the EgoSecure Server: https://[server name]:[server port].
  7. In the Supervisor user name and Supervisor password field, enter the name and password of the supervisor created during the EgoSecure Server installation (or during the first Server login), or enter the name and password of an administrator/super administrator created in the EgoSecure Data Protection Console under Administration | Superadmin | Administrators and scopes (for details about creating administrators and super administrators, see the chapter Creating administrators and roles of the EgoSecure Console Manual).
  8. Enable the Use certificate check box.
  9. Export the certificate from the EgoSecure Data Protection Console:
    a. Go to Administration | Administrator | SSL configuration.
    b. If SSL hasn't been enabled yet, check the box Enable SSL and then click Create and Generate all certificates. For details about SSL and different ways of certificate distribution, see the EgoSecure Console Manual, chapter Configuring SSL.
    c. Select the EgoSecure Console Authentication certificate from the list and click Export.

    export certificate.png
    => The Certificate export dialog appears.
    d. Specify the directory where to export the certificate file.
    e. Define a password and confirm it.
    f. Click OK.
  10. Click Choose a file to load.
    => The File upload dialog appears.
  11. Select the exported certificate file.
  12. In the Certificate private key field, enter the certificate password.
  13. Click Save.

EDP configuration.png

=> Now the EgoSecure Data Protection UUX Console is connected to the EgoSecure Server. Make sure that the server where Matrix42 Software Asset & Service Management is installed can access the server with the EgoSecure Server.