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22.0.0 (Main Release)

For details about software and hardware requirements, see the article System requirements.

For details about installation and support information, see the article Usage and Support.


  • Swiss keyboard layout was added to Simple PBA (graphical mode).
  • Characters € and # were added to virtual keyboard (German) in Simple PBA (graphical mode).
  • An issue where the Error - 16 appeared during PBA initialization with smart card reader O2 Micro. 
  • An issue where the boot loader was skipped after Windows updates.
  • An issue where it was impossible to save a policy file copy to a network share folder.
  • An issue where custom background images were not displayed in PBA, synchronization with background image and synchronization with lock screen image did not work if secure boot was enabled.
  • An issue where Bitlocker demanded a recovery key after managing FDE in EgoSecure Data Protection Console.
  • An issue where a physical keyboard delivered wrong keys into PBA.


  • Added an option to enhance DEK protection with TPM.
  • Added a possibility to inject FDE recovery files to custom Windows image (WIM) or to custom WinPE ISO/USB flash drive.
  • Added a possibility to dump EFI partition file information from FDE WinPE.
  • An issue when trying to install/initialize FDE/PBA via commands and scripts.



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